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Professional lab quality 35mm and medium format E6 slide film processing available by mail from Process One.

35mm slide film developing.Pro quality slide developing is getting hard to find, but we're here to help!  Accurate developing for E6 slide film is critical to get the best color and contrast from your slides, which is why we clean, monitor and maintain our E6 film processor meticulously for optimum results.

Our Fuji Pro 6 professional E6 chemicals are always fresh and are ideally formulated to give your slides and transparency film the best, most consistent processing results time after time... you can count on it. We develop all E6 films including Velvia, Provia, Ektachrome, AgfaChrome, Astia, and almost any film that uses the E6 process.

We provide quality E6 slide film processing to our customers in the Kansas City area, as well as by mail for our customers around the country, and we would like to help you with your E6 slide processing as well.

35mm E6 Slide film processing   120 and 220 E6 film processing  
E6 film developing, 24 or 36 exposure roll
4x6 prints at the time of processing

Scan roll to CD standard res. (2400x3600)

.30 ea


  E6 120 film developing
E6 220 film developing

Scan 120 roll to CD, standard res. (2400x3000)
Scan 220 roll to CD, standard res (2400x3000)

4x5 E6 film processing      
4x5 E6 film developing, per sheet
4x5 proof print, at time of processing
4x5 film scan to CD standard res. (1200x1500)
4x5 film scan to CD high res. (3600x4500)
  • Turn around is one business day (Mon.-Fri.)
• We use German plastic slide mounts.
• Your 35mm slides are numbered and dated.
• We can cross-process your E6 film.

Mail your film for processing. Send your film to us:
Process One
7105 W. 95th St.
Overland Park, KS 66212
Film processing order form. Download a mail-order form here.

Download, print and complete your order form and include it with your film when you send it in for developing.

We use Fuji E6 chemicals.

If your film did not turn out the way you expected, check out our film processing troubleshooting guide here:
Film Processing Troubleshooting

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