Process One can make passport, visa, immigration and
citizenship photos for almost any need or country in about an hour, no appointment needed.

You want your passport picture to look good - it will last for TEN years!
You don't need to make an appointment - just come in and we will be happy to shoot your passport or visa pictures anytime.  We suggest that you avoid wearing light colored or pastel shirts to get the best results, and please wear your glasses if you wear them on a regular basis.

U.S. Passport photos 12.99
4 pictures, 2x2"  
US Passport Photos with CD 13.99
4 pictures, 2x2" with image
file saved on CD
Canadian Passport, Visa or
4 pictures, 50x70mm or 35x45mm  
Other Countries - Visa, Passport
or immigration
4 pictures, size varies by country  
Digital Passport Photos 13.99
No prints, CD only  
Kansas Concealed carry license photos 12.99
Additional copies of passport pictures .29 ea
* No appointment needed  

We specialize in making passport pictures, visa and immigration photos for
needs that no one else in the Kansas City area can.

Process One can make passport, visa and immigration photos for almost any country, but the
photo requirements for each country can vary by quite a bit.

If you need a passport picture, visa, immigration or citizenship photo for a country other than
the United States, please bring the specification sheet with you when you come in for your photos.

Canada and many other foreign countries have very specific specifications for their passport visa an immigration
pictures, and we know just how to do them.  If you submit an incorrect passport, visa or immigration photo you
will have to wait longer and spend more money.  Why risk it?

If you need information about applying for a passport or renewing your passport, visit the
US Department of State to get the current requirements and general information.

US official passport information

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