Process One can turn your 35mm slides into high quality
color prints.

Make the memories stored on your 35mm slides come to life again by getting prints made.  You, your parents or grandparents spent a lifetime collecting their
memories on slides so don't let them fade away.

We can also scan your slides and save them on CD for easy viewing and printing at
a very reasonable price, and with our quantity discounts, the more slides you
have printed or scanned, the more you save.

We print and scan your 35mm slides locally in our lab in Overland Park, so you won't have to worry about having your slides lost.  You can also mail your slides to us for printing or scanning - get an order form here.


Prints from 35mm slides     35mm Slide scanning  
4x6 or 3x5 prints     Standard resolution  
1st - 25th slides 1.00   (1200x1800)  
26th to 75th slides .80   1st - 25th slides 1.00
76th to 150th slides .70   26th to 75th slides .80
151st + slides .50   76th to 150th slides .70
      151st + slides .50
5x7 print 3.49      
8x10 print 6.99   CD 5.00
8x12 print 7.99      
10x15 print 12.99   Medium res. slide scan  
11x14 print 12.99   (2400x3600) 2.00
16x20 print 36.99      
20x24 print 56.99   High res. slide scan  
24x36 print 75.00   (3000x4500) 10.00


       Prints are available in matte or glossy finish.   We can also make them on Fine Art paper or canvas.


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Prints and scans from
35mm slides


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You can mail your slides to us for printing or scanning!

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