E6 / CR56 Film Processing
E6 Slide film processing services

Professional quality E6 slide film processing from Process One -
your slide film developed correctly every time.

Accurate developing for your slide film is critical to get the best color and contrast from your slides,
which is why we clean and maintain our E6 processor meticulously for optimum results.

Our Fuji Pro 6 professional E6 chemicals are kept fresh and are ideally formulated to give your slides and transparency film
the best, most consistent processing results time after time... you can count on it.

We offer our professional quality E6 slide processing by mail.
We provide quality E6 slide film processing to our customers in the Kansas City area, as well as by mail for our customers around the country. We would like to help you with your E6 slide processing needs as well - you can get an order form here.


35mm E6 Slide and transparency film
    120/220 and 4x5 Slide and transparency film developing  
35mm E6  - 24 or 36 exposure roll 9.99   120 E6 film processing 8.99
      220 E6 film processing 10.99
Scan 35mm roll to CD, standard res 7.99      
* 1200x1800 jpg files     120/220 scan to CD (per frame) .60
Scan 35mm roll to CD, medium res 13.00   * 1200x1500 or 1500x1500 jpg files  
* 2400x3600 jpg files     4x5 or 5x5 prints at the time of processing .60
4x6 prints - at the time of processing .40   4x5 E6 film processing - per sheet 5.99
      4x5 proof print from 4x5 film 3.50
      4x5 film scan at time of developing 3.50

Slide processing turn-around time is one business day (Mon-Fri)

We process your slides in closely monitored Fuji Pro 6 chemicals

We carefully mount your slides in Gepe German plastic mounts

We can leave your film uncut, in long roll sleeving if you prefer

All slides are numbered and dated, or we can leave them blank

Slides are returned to you in durable archival slide sleeves
  E6 slide film

We can cross process your E6 film in our C41 chemicals as well.
If you want a unique look from your transparency film, tell us to cross process the film.  We will process the film in our color print film machine (C41).
The result of processing your film this way is some bizarre, saturated color.  There is no extra charge for cross processing, and we can cross process any
35mm, 120 or 220 slide film.


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E6 Slide Film Processing

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We can scan and make prints from your 35mm slides

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